Christian Zoufaly

Data Analyst and UX/UI design and research specialist

I was born in New Jersey and was drawn to technology at a young age. I first learned Java, Photoshop and Illustrator in high school and decided to go to college to study Human Computer Interaction at New Jersey institute of Technology. There I learned Python, HTML, PHP, Javascript, more Java and lots of psychology, research and design skills. I got an internship working in the infrastructure department at Wilson Elser in NYC and learned all about telecom and how to use a ticketing system as well as a bit of JIRA. Before graduating I did my capstone project with a startup called Eco-Enterprise, I helped to build their website and forms for the website for them to do business, after graduating I continue to do work for them occasionally to improve and create new forms as needed. From there I got a position as a QA Analyst with Classlink and work on my automation skills as well as general QA practices.

In my free time I love to travel and do outdoorsy things, I especially love rock climbing and usually climb 2-3 times a week. In the future I hope to travel to more countries around the world and climb on all different types of rock. I also regularly participate and volunteer in Tough Mudders either by myself or with a team. I love challenges both physical and mental especially when it’s a little of each.

Research Skills

Qualitative and Quantitative research methods

Visualizing data with SPSS and Excel

Data cleaning and statistics with Excel and SQL

Creating Data Visualizations with Tableau

Coding Skills







Other Skills


Axure / Justinmind




Microsoft Office

Previous Employers